Chief on Demand

Interim Management - Business Development and Servitization

As Chief on Demand for interim Business Development and/or Servitization, I steer and coach your sales or service team when you require it.

With 30 years of experience in strategy, sales and service for international technical industries, I will contribute to your ambition if and when you need it. So you do not need to employ a senior sales- or service director to realize your strategy!  

What can you expect from a Chief on Demand for Business Development and Servitization?

Chief on Demand Sales & Service

I am a member of the team as Chief on Demand for Business Development and/or Servitization. An active sparring partner with expertise, both substantive and managerial. I contribute by developing sales and service: structuring, internationalization and servitization. And with that, the organization and management can benefit.

The "on demand" service is offered in collaboration with Triceps and can take many forms: from short term to consultancy or project-based approach or directly as Manager on Demand. Scaling up and down as required is key to this service.

Examples of a Chief on Demand assignment

  • Interim management of your sales or service team
  • Program management to define and implement a business strategy
  • Developing innovative services
  • Connecting New Building Sales and Services to improve customer attachment and create customer loyalty
  • Internationalization of your sales and service
  • Reviewing the performance and potential of the service business during acquisitions
  • Identifying improvement potential based on best practices
  • Estimate the readiness to digitize sales processes / +31(0)651183872 / contact details