My profile as a sales and service professional


My field of expertise is B2B international business development: developing aftermarket service business, product marketing and sales of capital goods.

My strength is giving structure to cooperation and organisation. From my background in public management, I make sure that technical companies are customer-oriented. Seeing the dot on the horizon as well as important details of today, I will take initiatives, give direction and translate strategy into daily actions and vice versa.


My experience is general management, selling capital goods (defense electronics, aerospace, compression systems and machinery in the food industry) and developing business by delivering better and innovative services on the installed base. This experience has been built at (medium) sized companies in international markets. After an acquisition I proved myself in a corporate structure at the Scottish-American parent company. 

Besides being a business leader and manager, I am a certified business coach and mentor.

Spare time

In addition to my work as a sales and service professional, in my spare time I make music, draw and paint, cycle on my MTB, ski, sail, swim and I am a youth hockey coach.

Available as a Chief on Demand

As Chief on Demand , I work independently and on a flexible basis because experience is especially valuable when it is used widely and contributes. Moreover, by working for various organizations, you will continue to learn and develop yourself.

My profile summarized:

  • >30 years of experience in strategy, sales and service
  • Down-to-earth
  • Connecting
  • Practical approach
  • Certified coach and mentor (ILM-7)

What do they say about my contribution?

"Very good in bringing teams together and pushing people forward to deliver"

- Country Manager


Maarten Wijnheijmer