Solving servitisation challenges with Master students of the University of Twente

solving servitisation issues with MSc students

After the summer there is another unique opportunity to tackle issues about B2B marketing, strategy, innovation and servitisation. Together with MSc students and experts of the University of Twente and the business community. 

In a period of three months, the participating companies work together with a team of students on their assignments, and together they can attend the lectures and joint activities of the Master Course Successful Servicing.

This is how solution and training go together, for professionals and MSc students. And so companies can solve service issues with students.

What servicing issues?

Examples of last year's issues from participating companies:

  • more questions for service and customer value delivered
  • better selection of the right business partners
  • How relevant is servitization for the own business?
  • benchmarking of own service performance
  • how to structure and manage innovation
  • What is the best go-to-market strategy for a new idea?
  • how digital services can create value

How to solve servitisation issues with students?

We use the latest insights and theory, creativity and relevant experience of professional coaches like me to find answers with you. As one of the business coaches, I had the pleasure of coaching a number of teams.

I have seen that a modest investment pays off. Value for the participating company and valuable experience for a new generation of master students.

Registration or more information?

For more information, please call or e-mail me. Or visit the webpage of the Professional Learning & Development centre of the University of Twente:

You can also register there.