From ambition to strategy and result

From ambition to strategy

Your strategy is your plan to achieve your goals.

In B2B Sales, the goal is often to sell as much as possible at the best possible price. For Service, the goal is usually to get the most out of the Installed Base's potential. 

This only works if your organization understands what your customers want and what they need to achieve their ambition. If you have the ambition to be relevant to your customers and to contribute to their success.

From ambition to strategy and results. That works if the plan is feasible. To help sales and service teams make a good plan I offer two workshops: from strategy to results and installed base selling as a B2B service strategy.

From strategy to results

A workshop to first of all set a clear ambition and goals. Then to select strategic projects, to test their feasibility, to choose priorities and finally to work out a feasible plan.

The key question is "what has to be true?" to achieve the ambition and goals. This question can be answered by customers, partners and expertise in the company, or tested against "best practices" in the market.

The workshop is spread over a number of days, with teams working on assignments in between. 

Optionally, strategic questions can be conducted in collaboration with the University of Twente, with master students being guided and coached by me and their university professors.

Installed base selling as B2B service strategy

A one-day workshop on how to achieve the largest possible turnover from the installed base in a structured way.

The workshop covers principles, practical methods and best practices of the installed base selling approach.

The workshops are part of my contribution as a Chief on Demand or can be offered as a separate service. / +31(0)651183872 / contact details