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Service Paradox Synthesis. Successful digitization needs Servitization 2.0

Digitization is synthesis of service paradox

Today, all industries acknowledge the need to invest in digital technology. But digitization is not a goal in itself.

In the aftermarket, the servitization strategy will provide direction and purpose to digital transformation: a business model how to best share knowledge with customers. That is why digitization requires a new effort by tech and machining industries to servitize. An effort addressing the emerging opportunities as well as threats from Industry 4.0.

Digitization is the synthesis of the Service Paradox. It is now time for Servitization 2.0 !

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How to enable value selling in a tough practice

Enable value selling in practice

Value Selling is a well-known idea in B2B sales and services: focus on the customer value of your solution and harvest satisfied customers at higher margins.

Yet many tech and machining companies continue to rely primarily on the customer relationship rather than the value they add to the customer’s business. And they calculate their prices based on costs instead of the value they offer to their customers.

The solution: encapsulate the idea into a practical process and tool that helps salespeople to do their daily job better.

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Wendbaar koers houden en vinden

Problem solving

Hoe blijf je als Sales & Service zowel wendbaar als gericht op het eindresultaat? Wendbaar ben je vooral als je weet wat te doen als de omstandigheden veranderen. Een goede strategie gaat daarom uit van meerdere scenario’s. Resultaat bereik je door je doelen te halen. De kunst is om je doelen te halen in veranderende omstandigheden.

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